Skin Care Bundle

Customize a complete skincare package for yourself or to give as a gift.  Click on the products listed in the description area below for more information about each one.  Receive free shipping, $10 off regular retail price and gorgeous glowing skin!



Coconut + Watermelon Cleansing Powder
Your choice of mask
Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Facial Serum
Your choice of facial oil

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    What a combo!

    Posted by Heather on 2022 Jul 4th

    In love with this set. The cleansing powder is a gentle little scrub that leaves me with the softest skin, and the oils are well-absorbed so that my face looks hydrated, and not at all greasy. And the fresh scents are simply divine!

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    Skin care bundle

    Posted by Deb on 2022 Apr 16th

    I love this set. The cleanser is an amazing soft scent and leaves my face feeling dewy soft. The serum and oil together are lovely and perfect hydration for my dry skin. I love the scent of it when I use it before bed. Calming and spicy all at the same time. It’s good for me and the environment and that’s pretty cool too. Thank you Eco Alchemist! You rocked this set

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    Lovely products

    Posted by Heather Wood on 2021 Dec 26th

    I am so happy with these products that I’m placing my order for round two (plus the mask this time), and writing this review.

    Last June, not sure which combo of products would suite me best, I sent Eco Alchemist a message asking for advice. For my 41-year-old, sensitive, combination, eczema-prone face, they recommended the Coconut + Watermelon Cleansing Powder, the Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum, and the Abyssinian + Copaiba Resin Facial Oil. Using these products together, my skin feels soft, clean, and hydrated.

    While they leave my skin feeling good, these products also feel really nice to use. The Coconut + Watermelon Cleansing Powder has this silky softness and the faintest scent that’s at once earthy and clean. The Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum and the Abyssinian + Copaiba Resin Facial Oil apply best on damp skin, so I use a water spray bottle to mist my face beforehand. The products then glide on luxuriously. This mist application feels spa-like, and felt especially good during that heat wave we had this summer!

    When my allergies and eczema are acting up, or if I’m sun- or wind-burnt, these products never sting, but rather feel calming and soothing. I also felt the change in season less, with less of my typical dryness as winter set in. I’m guessing they’ve also helped to keep my skin healthy and comfortable with all this mask-wearing.

    All of these products feel nourishing; really like self-care. For me, knowing they are made with great care and reverence for mother nature makes these feelings of self-care feel more genuine and sink in even deeper. Thank you, Eco Alchemist, for your wonderful work!

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    Winning combo

    Posted by Mickey on 2021 Nov 9th

    I have fairly dry skin and usually find it hard to strike a balance between having to reapply a moisturizer or having it be too oily to absorb properly. This skin care bundle has achieved that. The cleanser cleans without stripping and the facial oil absorbs quickly. After cleansing I apply the serum and then the facial oil while my skin is still wet. I use the mask twice a week. Works great and I saved money by going with the bundle. Win win!

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    Loving this new combo!

    Posted by Loni Cuddington on 2021 Aug 2nd

    Just received this super combo last week and my skin already feels so amazing! Been a sunny and pool time filled summer and this combo is leaving my aging skin feeling fresh and nourished. Love it!!

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    All you need!

    Posted by Jen McIntosh on 2021 Jun 15th

    Such amazing products at a really reasonable price for what you get. The coconut and watermelon cleansing powder is so gentle and will last a really long time as you only need to use a small amount. The facial oil is also nice and light compared to other more expensive brands I have tried. I highly recommend trying these products.