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Bakuchiol + Calendula Facial Oil

Bakuchiol + Calendula Facial Oil

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Indulge in this luxurious yet lightweight facial oil harnessing the power of bakuchiol, a potent molecule derived from the seeds of the babchi plant. Considered nature's alternative to retinol, bakuchiol delivers comparable results without the associated side effects.  An ultra-concentrated form of organic calendula, famed for its ability to soothe and hydrate dry skin, complements bakuchiol's transformative properties.

  • 100% Vegan Ingredients
  • Certified Palm Oil Free
  • No Added Fragrance
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  • Bakuchiol

    Renowned for its retinol-like benefits, bakuchiol helps diminish the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles & hyperpigmentation without the unwanted side effects making it ideal for sensitive, mature or acne-prone skin.

  • Organic Calendula

    Organic calendula adds a calming touch, providing relief from dryness and is suitable for sensitive skin. We use a pure, ultra-concentrated paste in this formula for optimal results.

  • Nourishing Oil Blend

    Canadian-produced Abyssinian and Meadowfoam Seed Oils provide a lush base for optimal nutrient delivery. Fair trade/wild-harvested Brazil Nut Oil, Olive Squalane, and Organic Rosehip Oil work harmoniously to nurture and moisturize the skin.

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SIZE:  30 & 50 ml

COLOUR:  Yellow

SCENT:  Slightly nutty


Apply to facial area and decolette twice daily as the last step in your skin care routine. For best results, apply to slightly damp/freshly hydrated skin.


We use a UV protected white glass for this product to help prevent photodegradation of the natural ingredients.

REFILL: Please reuse the dropper top from a previous purchase of this product and place the aluminum cap with your recycling.

RECYCLE: The glass bottle and glass dropper are recyclable. Please remove the label prior to recycling.

REUSE: The glass dropper bottle is medical grade, lead free and may be reused many times. To clean the bottle, shake with detergent and rinse clean. To clean the dropper, fill and empty it with detergent and repeat with fresh water until no more suds come out. Prior to reuse, rinse both with alcohol to sanitize.


Reducing the appearance of fine lines, age spots and blemishes; moisturize dry, damaged skin

Clinical Info on Bakuchiol

Not all Bakuchiol is the same. We only use Sytenol® A which is 99%+ pure bakuchiol and the only REACH registered and China-allowed bakuchiol with a complete toxicology dossier. Side-by-side with retinol, only Sytenol® A has been scientifically validated in its ability to reduce wrinkles, photoaging and hyperpigmentation as efficiently as retinol, but with a better skin tolerance.

We use Sytenol® A in formula at 1.0%. Read this clinical study on Bakuchiol when used at just 0.5%

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Megan S.
Most Amazing Gift To My Skin! ✨

I honestly don't want to remember what my skin was like before I started using this oil. I have never felt more confident and safe in my own skin. It's been almost a year since I started using this product and I haven't had a breakout. Thank you Eco Alchemist for creating such amazing products for us sensitive skin gals.

Jen M.
Light and hydrating

Thanks love how my skin feels after using this oil. Not greasy all at. I’m in my second bottle now and loving it

Rebecca B
Calendula oil

I use this oil in the evenings as it helps restore my skin. I use it after the serum and my skin is moisturized and smooth in the morning> I LOVE it. Also no acne (which I often feared).

Bakuchiol and Calendula facial oil

LOVE this face oil! I’ve tried several other brands of facial oil and this one is by far my fave!! It’s super moisturizing, fast absorbing and leaves my skin glowing! I have already noticed a lightening of some hyperpigmentation marks after only a months use. Yay!!

Rosa C.
Highly recommend

I suffer from extremely dry skin and this oil is a one-stop shop to the rejuvenation station! Best applied on damp skin, this powerhouse is smooth and silky and doesn't leave that oily feeling.