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Smooth Operator Shampoo Bar

Smooth Operator Shampoo Bar

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Indulge in the divine experience of our Smooth Operator Shampoo Bar, meticulously crafted to transform your hair into a vision of silky smoothness. The magic lies in sugar beet-derived betaine, a moisturizing marvel that effortlessly smooths the cuticle, imparting a glorious glossy glow to your locks.

With extracts from both orange fruit and orange peel, this bar offers strength, protection and conditioning. Enhanced by the powerful combination of pequi fruit and jojoba oil, bid farewell to frizz as your hair gains strength and vitality.

  • 100% Vegan Ingredients
  • Certified Palm Oil Free
  • No Synthetic Fragrance
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Waterless Formula
  • Replaces up to 3 Plastic Bottles
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  • Betaine

    Our betaine is upcycled from the molasses industry, an amino acid derivative with a strong water binding capacity. This helps reduce frizz by keeping the hair shaft well hydrated.

  • Pequi Fruit Oil

    Pequi Oil smooths the hair cuticle, which is especially advantageous for individuals with curly hair. A flattened cuticle reflects light more evenly, making curly hair appear shinier. It also helps reduce friction, enhancing the manageability of hair.

  • Quinoa Protein

    Low molecular weight hydrolysed proteins can penetrate within the cuticle for structural integrity and strength.  Quinoa protein contains 16 different amino acids and aids in hair colour retention, conditioning, and protection.

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SIZE: 70 g

COLOUR: Light yellow

SCENT: Orange + vanilla


  • Wet the bar, rub between hands and transfer lather to hair or rub the bar directly on hair.
  • Work lather through hair then rinse. Repeat if necessary.
  • For a longer lasting bar, store away from the stream of water.
  • Allow it to dry between washes on a draining dish such as our Reclaimed Wood Soap Dish.
  • Only store in travel tins once the bar is dry.

When the bar gets to be very small you can wet it and press into your replacement bar or use with our Sisal Soap Bag to cleanse and exfoliate your body.

A properly cared for bar will last approx 50 washes depending on hair length and thickness which is equivalent to 2-3 regular size bottles of shampoo.


Tissue Paper: Made with FSC Certified materials, printed with veggie ink on acid-free paper and is home compostable.

Paperboard Box: Made from FSC Certified materials and is fully recyclable.


Thick, curly, frizzy or heat stressed hair

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lyn F.

This shampoo bar lathers up amazingly. I have totally switched to this shampoo not only because it’s great but as there are no palm oil derivatives I’m saving forests from being cut down for palm production.

Lyn F.
Smooth Operator Shampoo and Conditioner

I was so happy to find a Canadian company that does not use Palm derivatives in its products, and now that I’ve tried this shampoo and conditioner I’m even happier! I don’t think my hair has ever looked and felt silkier and smoother! Terri made sure my order arrived before a trip, and I’m taking both of these bars, in their travel containers, with a loofah slice for them to dry out. Great products, and conscientious company helping to limit the destruction of orangutan habitat plus crucial rainforest that are being lost to palm oil plantations.

Laurel T
smooth operator shampoo bar

This product is luscious and lovely. Smells great and doesn't dry out my hair. I have between 3a-3b hair texture so my hair is quite curly and prone to dryness. This shampoo is as moisturizing as any I have used for my hair type without ANY PALM OIL. This is so important to me and I am so happy I found this product. Would highly recommend.

you should try this...

Honestly, I was mega skeptical about this shampoo bar for my particular hair type- I have an insane amount of thick, wavy hair, and thought for this adorable little hexagon was no match. I was wrong ;)
Lots of lather, clean hair with no residue-> I'm hooked.
Well worth the switch from bottled shampoo and conditioner.

Great shampoo!

I love this shampoo. It has a nice rich lather and leaves my hair silky and shiny. This, along with the smooth operator conditioner bar, is the perfect combo for my hair. I will definitely buy it again!