Yuzu + Magnesium Dry Shampoo Powder

Tousle your tresses with this natural oil absorbing powder and keep your hair looking clean and voluminous between washes.  Accented by the light, energizing citrus scent of yuzu peel.   


Reuse the aluminum shaker bottle with our compostable refill packets!

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SIZE:  Regular 120 g

COLOUR:  Off white

SCENT:  Hint of citrus 

RECOMMENDED FOR:  Oil absorption, volume for all hair types + colours - works into hair with no visible residue



Apply using a brush or tap to sprinkle directly onto your roots. Massage into hair with your fingertips for best results.


This product comes in an aluminum shaker bottle that is fully recyclable but we recommend reusing it!  Refill and save with our compostable refill packets.

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    Yuzu + Magnesium Dry Shampoo Powder

    Posted by Andrea Lennon on 2023 May 11th

    I recently had surgery on my ear and couldn’t shower for quite awhile. This product was so easy to use and worked amazingly well to refresh my locks. I am very sensitive with aerosols due to asthma so this was such a great alternative- and to know every little ingredient was safe for me and the Earth. I am blown away by Eco Alchemist’s product line!
    So thoughtful, easy to use and very reasonable $$ - go get some now!!

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    Dry powder not spray

    Posted by Lyn Flitton on 2023 Mar 21st

    Most dry shampoos come in aerosol cans but this is a soft powder in a recyclable container. It works really well and leaves no buildup, just blends into oily areas and leaves them looking fine. Especially good for travel.

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    dry shampoo

    Posted by Rebecca Berger on 2021 Jun 3rd

    This is BY FAR the best dry shampoo I have ever used. My favorite part is that it is chemical free. I always dreaded those toxic sprays, but now I can use this awesome product guilt free and go for days without needing to wash my hair. Great for moms on the run!