Shampoo Bar Travel Tins

These travel tins make it easy to take your shampoo and conditioner bars on the move with you!  For a longer lasting bar, allow it to air or towel dry prior to storing in the container.  Fits one bar per tin.  Not suitable for in-shower storage.

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SIZE:  2.83" x 1"

The bars fit quite snug in the tins to start.  We chose these sized tins over larger ones as they don't rattle around as much during travel, especially as they get smaller over time.


Wait until bars are dry before storing in tins.  If short on time, gently towel dry the bars prior to placing in tins.  Not suitable for in shower or long term storage.  The tins are made from aluminum so may start to rust if exposed to too much moisture. 


These tins can fulfil a mutitude of uses.  If you don't wish to reuse them, they are infinitely recyclable.  Please place with your aluminum recycling.

NOTE:  Shampoo and conditioner bars can also be carried in repurposed containers. Empty lotion or mason jars work great!  Wash the container thoroughly and spray with alcohol or even hand sanitizer and be sure it is dry before using for bar storage.