Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark

The new International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark, a world first, has been approved to certify products in 20 countries around the world with more pending.

The Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark was developed to aid consumers in finding products which have been assessed by an independent, registered and approved Certification Trademark and found to be genuinely palm oil and palm oil derivative free. It was also developed to create a new funding stream to help partner organizations on the ground working to protect rainforests and all they contain.

All the profits from this Certification Trademark are distributed to NGOs who they are partnered with.

If a brand’s entire product portfolio is assessed as palm oil free then they can use the certification trademark to represent their entire brand. 

POFCAP (Palm Oil Free Certification Application Programme) will assist all applicant brands to find palm oil free ingredients where possible if it is found, via the certification process, that one or more of their products contains a palm oil derivative. This will assist them to reformulate that product should they wish.

Manufacturing products to be palm oil free is quickly becoming the next ethical and environmental step towards true sustainability.

POFCAP’s World first Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark may just be the forerunner which sees an acceleration of the palm oil free movement globally.


POFCAPs Partner NGOs