Non-Scents Shampoo Bar

Free from added scents and colours, this gentle formula contains fenugreek to promote a healthy scalp and fermented bamboo to hydrate & smooth the hair cuticle.  Amla and jojoba oils help  fortify hair from root to tip.  Like all our bars, the lather is simply incredible and feels as though you are cleansing your hair with creamy, fluffy clouds.

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SIZE: 70 g

COLOUR: Off white

SCENT: Unscented

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sensitive scalp, all hair types

A properly cared for bar will last approx 50 washes depending on hair length and thickness which is equivalent to 2-3 regular size bottles of shampoo. See "How to Use" tab for tips on how to make your bar last longer.


  • Wet the bar, rub between hands and transfer lather to hair or rub the bar directly on hair. 
  • Lather will build as you massage the shampoo into hair.
  • Cleanse and rinse, repeat if necessary.
  • For a longer lasting bar, store away from the stream of water.
  • Allow it to dry between washes on a draining dish such as our Reclaimed Wood Soap Dish. 
  • Only store in travel tins once the bar is dry.
  • When the bar gets to be very small you can wet it and press into your replacement bar or use with our Sisal Soap Bag to cleanse and exfoliate your body.


The tissue paper is printed with water-based ink and made from FSC certified paper.  It can be either recycled or composted.  If there are oil marks present, please compost.

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    Non-scents shampoo bar

    Posted by Roxy on 2021 May 28th

    Gentle on my scalp and scent free. All you need is 2 swipes through your hair and you got plenty of soft sudsy bubbles. I love bubbles!