Bar Packaging

Bar Packaging

The Eco Alchemist on 2023 Mar 12th

We had these super cute and informative boxes made for our shampoo bars, conditioner bars and facial cleansing bars. These are mainly for our wholesale partners but will also be available soon as an option for our online customers.

Why do we need boxes for our bars? Outer packaging is a requirement for most retail stores and as we expand more into the retail market, proper packaging is a must.

Also, Health Canada regulations state that certain information must be present at time of sale. The info that needs to be available to consumers is:

- directions for use

- product weight/volume

- manufacturer info

- ingredients in INCI format 

INCI stands for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients and is a way for all ingredients to be easily recognized around the world.  This is the proper way to list cosmetic ingredients and why we will always have either the scientific or botanical names in our product listing then the common name in brackets.

Some zero waste retail shops are able to post this information alongside the naked product in the store, which we think is awesome!!  We offer resources to help provide the signage information for these displays, but many retail stores just aren't set up that way.

Our online store displays all that necessary info, so if you choose to receive your shipment of bars wrapped in tissue paper instead of boxed/labeled, that is totally ok!  We offer this option and encourage it to help reduce waste.

If you are ordering some of our bars for a gift, we recommend that you opt to have it the boxed/labeled so all of the info is readily available prior to their use. Plus, it will be protected by outer packaging to keep it looking great until you can get it to the lucky recipient.

We will always strive to be as low-waste as possible and choose sustainable packaging over cheap, plastic containing materials. This is why we partnered with the folks at Knockout Sustainable Packaging Solutions based right here in BC. These new boxes are FSC Certified, plastic-free and fully recyclable. Choosing to work with this wonderful BC company was a no brainer – they offer sustainable materials, we reduce our shipping footprint and get to support a local small business all at the same time!