Our goal is to reduce the impact that the personal care industry has on the environment by choosing sustainable ingredients and packaging whenever possible. Transparency is very important to us, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out and contact us.




We handcraft our products in small batches to ensure that everything is made with a high standard of quality and ethical manufacturing processes. 


All of our goods are 100% vegan and certified palm oil free.


We use natural and naturally derived ingredients, however we will choose a nature identical alternative to an ingredient if a vegan or palm free option is not available.  For example, we use nature identical Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E in our formulas as the natural forms are generally derived from animal products (Vitamin B5) or palm (Vitamin E).




We are proud to be the first company in Canada to be certified by the Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark!  To learn more about this initiative, click here.


Being a palm free brand isn't easy and greatly increases our production costs, but we feel it is a very important stance to take.  The palm oil industry has been destroying rainforests to make way for palm plantations at an alarming rate.   This not only causes harm to wildlife and the environment, but extremely unethical labour practises are unfortunately all too common on these plantations.  


While thankfully there is an increase in sustainable palm plantations, many of the "sustainable" palm derived cosmetic ingredients are "Mass Balance" which means it contains 50% sustainable and 50% unsustainable palm.  We choose not to contribute to the demand for palm oil as a whole and have worked very hard to ensure our entire brand is palm free.  


You will see some ingredients within our range that traditionally would contain palm oil derivatives however we have sourced these ingredients specifically palm free from trusted manufacturers.  Read more about why we choose to be certified palm free here.




Our packaging is 98% plastic free!  As soon as a replacement for the plastic screw top ring around dropper bottles is invented, we will be at 100%.  To reduce the need for these dropper bottle tops, we offer refills for our serum and facial oils.  Simply pop the dropper top into the new refill bottle and recycle the aluminum cap.  Or if you don't need a dropper top at all to start, you can choose the refill option.


We use paperboard packaging which is both recyclable and compostable.  If your product comes in this type of packaging, the labels will be compatible (recyclable and compostable) as well.   In the event that a paperboard package contained an oil based product (our deodorants), the packaging should only be composted, not recycled.


When a product contains light sensitive liquids, we choose to use white or black glass to reduce UV exposure and maintain the integrity of the ingredients.  


Our powdered facial cleansers come in aluminum shaker bottles as they are very durable, can be reused for a multitude of uses, and aluminum is infinitely recyclable.




Your order will come packed in fully recyclable & compostable packaging, including all labels and stickers.  Our tissue paper is made from 100% recycled content.  The paper shreds are from a wonderful Canadian company called Botanical Paperworks and are cut-offs from their seed paper production.  Plant it and watch wildflowers grow!




We are a BC incorporated company, created and nurtured in the Squamish and Okanagan Valley areas of BC.  We respectfully acknowledge that these areas are the unceded traditional territory of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation, Coast Salish People and the Syilx Okanagan Nation.


We also now have an office in Saskatchewan. Terri spent half of her life in each province and we are proud to become a local prairie business as well!





The Eco Alchemist was launched May 2021 by Holistic Nutritionist and Cosmetic Formulator Terri Kirkham who has been making personal care products for nearly a decade.  She discovered her passion for the industry after a deep dive into nutrition and environmental studies had her seeking out more natural product options.  The Eco Alchemist was created out of a need to supply palm-free shampoo & conditioner bars to the Canadian market and expanded to include skin care which dramatically improved her own skin issues. 


Terri is in her final term to become a Cosmetic Chemist.  She is also a graduate of the Organic Skin Care Formulation & Organic Hair Care Formulation Diploma programs with Formula Botanica.


The Eco Alchemist features highly effective products with a reduced footprint. Efficacy, sustainability and eco-friendly packaging solutions are a few key aspects of the brand.  After owning and operating a health food store, she saw just how many plastic bottles are consumed with beauty & wellness products and felt compelled to become a part of the change.

"We shouldn't have to sacrifice the health of the planet for our own wellbeing.  Realistically they are one and the same.  Let's make the shift to more sustainable packaging for ourselves and for our environment.  We can all do better together". - Terri Kirkham, The Eco Alchemist